Room 406

Artist : Bertrand GONDOUIN

80 euros


• 10 m²
• Courtyard
• 1 Single bed
• 1 person maximum
• TV
• Free WiFi
• Desk
• Walk-in shower
• Hair dryer
• Air conditioning: no

"My abuse consists of having photographed you without your permission. Of course, it is not like an ordinary photograph; this is my latest invention. We shall live in this photograph forever.

Imagine a stage on which our life during these seven days is acted out, complete in every detail. We are the actors. All our actions have been recorded". The invention of Morel - Adolfo Bioy Casares


"In Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear window, the main character is sure he witnessed a murder committed by his neighbour. In Blow up by Michelangelo Antonioni, the main character witnesses the crime indirectly, unintentionally, because of the photos he has taken of the crime while it was committed. I think my photographic work is between these two propositions".

Bertrand Gondouin uses his camera as a video camera to create images that make reality look like fiction or to stage fictions that will be perceived as reality. Nurtured by images that have shaped our relationship to reality, he tries through his photographs to grasp the point where reality and staging are confused, to question the link that unites us to fiction, to finally mislead our Certainty of perception, to let the viewer chose himself between these two statements: I saw it at the cinema or you would think you were in a movie.

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-10€ a night


*For period from 01/01/2024 till 21/11/2024 Except double rooms and apartment

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.