Room 405

Artist : Sherley FREUDENREICH

0 euros


• 10 m²
• Courtyard
• 1 Single bed
• 1 person maximum
• TV
• Free WiFi
• Desk
• Walk-in shower
• Hair dryer
• Air conditioning: no

Men are sleepy, dreams have ideas, the night is lucky.


Sherley is passionate about image and experiments it on different supports. After graduating from Ecole de l'Image of Epinal in 2005, she settled in Belgium and worked with dance companies, where she projected her videos during some shows. A year later, she moved to Barcelona where she exhibited her work in galleries and published her illustrations in the press.

These last years, Sherley has shared an illustrator workshop at Bastion 14 in Strasbourg, working mainly for the press and youth publishing. No matter the support, poetry and stories interest her. Her first text was published in 2015 at Gecko editions in Germany. Working regularly with authors, she received a writing scholarship from the National Book Centre (CNL), enabling her to work with Bernard Friot on the production of a youth album.

In her workshop in Strasbourg, Sherley also develops her live paintings for the stage: real-time images, projected on screen, where the gesture that paints, evolves with the rhythm of the music.

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*For period from 01/03/2022 till 15/11/2022 Except double rooms and apartment

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.