Room 403

Artist : Christophe URBAIN

100 euros


• 15 m²
• Streetside
• 1 Double bed (KINGSIZE)
• 2 persons maximum
• TV
• Free WiFi
• Desk
• Walk-in shower
• Hair dryer
• Air conditioning: yes

Landscapes are blurred by snow or mist, half-real or half-dream.

Christophe URBAIN

«Upon opening his eyelids, he believed himself lying a few months earlier in another land.» In Search of Lost Time - Marcel Proust

Whether for personal or commissioned work, Christophe Urbain prefers choosing the most appropriate tool from his technical range, the most efficient approach to treat the subject matter. His mastery and use of many different photographic formats prevents him from becoming locked into a specific process and encourages experimentation.

His curiousity is also evident in the articulation of his work in three themes: fiction, reportage, and portrait. These different approaches nourish each other… responding to his initial impetus: to be open to the world and broaden his perspective on it.

Exclusive on our Web site : -10€ a night

-10€ par nuit


*For period from 01/01/2020 till 15/11/2020 Except double rooms

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.