Room 107

Artist : RENSONE

110 euros


• 30 m²
• Streetside
• 1 Double bed (KINGSIZE)
• 2 People maximum
• TV
• Free WiFi
• Desk
• Walk-in shower
• Hair dryer
• Air conditioning: no

Room 107 is what’s left of a puzzle that nobody can put back together. Its pieces already left for others rails, where they disappeared under other paintbrushes. Every piece is a resolved technical challenge, a gone nocturnal moment, an incurred risk …

Waking up to their colours in the morning before letting them go, that’s my daily « train-train* ».


Born in 1982, Rensone started graffiti in the middle 90’s. He constantly plays with graffiti codes and has developed through his graphic wanderings, a personal aesthetic that he wants to be dynamic, colourful and sometimes, marked with a hint of humour. He is used to create under restriction and is more productive on external support. He abandons his workshop to develop his style on huge size artworks.

Adept of creative concepts, he developed the idea of the puzzle graffiti in 2013 that would get him, among other things, to be invited at the « Centre Pompidou » to show his work.


*train-train: le train-train or le traintrain quotidien - the train-train or the daily train-train - It describes an uneventful daily routine, the daily grind. It can be translated by 'same ol' or 'as usual'.

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-10€ a night


*For period from 01/01/2024 till 21/11/2024 Except double rooms and apartment

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.