Room 108

Artist : MISSY

“When I saw the room I was going to perform in for Graffalgar, it made me think of a cocoon right away. That’s when I got the idea of a little warm and cosy nest. I didn’t go far into crazy concepts: a little bit of typo, and some birdies. I simply wanted to share my work by making you share a room with birds.”


Native of Strasbourg, Missy started her artistic journey in 2004. She studied Applied arts, graphism and is currently working in visual communication. She has a thing for Urban Art and she met Rensone (107) who initiated her to graffiti. From that time on, she developed a technical and artistic freedom, what was impossible before.

Her illustration work is inspired by this new creativity. She invented a dream world where animals are staged with delicacy and a hint of humour

PS: if you found the sentence « Quand j’rappe les oiseaux se taisent » when I rap birds shut up, it’s simply a reference to one of Oxmo Puccino’s songs that I was listening to while painting. I thought it would be nice to add it to the credits.


Starting at 80 €**

- 10 m²
- Streetside
- 1 Single bed
- 1 person maximum
- TV
- Free WiFi
- Desk
- Walk-in shower
- Hair dryer
- air conditioning: no


This room is not available for this period

Friday 18 October 2019
* children over age 3

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