Room 102

Artist : RUSS

110 euros


• 20 m²
• Streetside
• 1 Double bed (KINGSIZE)
• 2 People maximum
• TV
• Free WiFi
• Desk
• Walk-in shower
• Hair dryer
• Air conditioning: no

“Morpheus, Icelus and Phantasos, to kings and chieftains these at night display their phantom features; other dreams will roam among the people, haunting common folk.” From Ovid’s Metamorphoses.


Russ is an artist who enjoys adapting his work to different surfaces while exploring new techniques. Influenced by his Soviet origins, he transports us to a dreamlike world where heavily mustached characters and colorful scenery, both organic and structured, circulate.

Russ can be found working on various artististic projects, «Live Painting» performances, urban art festivals… He distinguishes himself most notably out of doors through the creation of exterior murals in which he sometimes integrates small installations made from recycled materials. We can also find his work in the more intimate gallery setting, in collective and private exhibitions.

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-10€ a night


*For period from 01/01/2024 till 21/11/2024 Except double rooms and apartment

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.