La Graffateria, Lunch - Brunch restaurant in Strasbourg

Everything is homemade, everything is good!

The Graffateria is open to everybody.
From Wednesday to Sunday

Our products come from local producers and are homemade.
Our restaurant "La Graffateria" is an opportunity to discover or re-discover our hotel like no other. Come to ask, work or see the exhibitions. The atmosphere is calm, cozy and relaxing.

Wifi is free!
If you are tired, you can rent a room ;)



Les samedis & dimanches // Sur réservation au 03 88 24 98 40


(Le menu de la semaine)

Du mercredi au vendredi 12h00 - 14h00


12€ per person *outside the Christmas market period (15€)

Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10:30am
Sunday from 7am to 10am

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.