Chambre numéro 206

Poulet Fripes

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Poulet Fripes is an unconventional shop of second-hand clothes and accessories, for him and for her, that is nothing like the others of its kind. Located in Strasbourg, in room number 206, on the second floor of the Graffalgar hotel, the shop offers a large selection of treasures dug up with love in all four corners of Europe. From 1950 to today, vintage enthusiasts find here gems that can be combined with modern styles, for a resolutely vintage or offbeat look. Garments are chosen with care, and novelties are brought in daily for a thrift shop full of life and movement. The shower was transformed into a fitting room and the shop offers a genuine experience to all lovers and beginners of second-hand, all of that in a street-art environment.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday: 11am - 18:30pm

The concept of Poulet Fripes was born in 2019, its name comes from my background and from an explosive brainstorming. The idea of settling into the second floor of Graffalgar hotel comes from an encounter between love and art, audacity and the values that we share. I wanted to offer a fun and fair concept with an identity that breaks all codes. A Vintage experience off the beaten track, second-hand for all. A thrift shop resolutely and fundamentally pumped for Strasbourg. Finding the place to set up was very important. It took me some time to find the perfect ingredient to be able to offer a cozy, fun experience that was coherent with my future clients. Breaking the codes was necessary and finding that type of treasure demands patience and audacity. The project took shape when I met the audacious team of the Graffalgar hotel, during the Summer of 2020.

Over a Club Maté at the Graffateria, with Vincent Faller, the hotel’s director, we confirmed the joyful move of Poulet Fripes into room number 206. I want to transgress the established codes of thrift shops and the Graffalgar hotel wants the same in the world of traditional hotels. The hotel opened its doors to the self-employed, a metamorphosed second-floor where independent figures live, create, and welcome travelers and locals. It was a perfect match!

Poulet Fripes chose to settle down in room number 206, alongside several exciting and creative girls: Chambre Numéro, Happy & Healthy Naturopathy, and Laura Cheyenne. The same, simple way as travellers arrange their belongings in their hotel room when they get to the Graffalgar, Poulet Fripes moved into its double bedroom, 20m2 reorganized to answer the needs of the project right in the middle of Inkub’s artwork. Yes, entering the Graffalgar hotel is above all an immersion in Art, with its 38 rooms and common areas decorated by particular artists.

Moving to Graffalgar as a freelancer, is to become part of a family, of a team, while maintaining its singularity with simplified procedures, and tailored to each individual's needs. Graffalgar gives me a turnkey solution to all my needs, a customized service, with the possibility of eating or wandering around in the Graffateria, highlighted with events such as Le Gros Bordel, plant sales, exhibitions, and workshops. It gives me flexibility, creative freedom because, yes, the joy is that I can imagine changing rooms in the future or coming up with an event and co-create it with the team.

The Graffalgar hotel offers me a place in its team, a place of artistic life in Strasbourg that is fundamentally on the move. The 2nd floor of the hotel is a creative emulation, a workshop-floor shared between daring independents, where the proposals resonate with each other, where the common thread is to make our customers travel in our worlds.

Poulet Fripes, the 2nd floor, and the Graffalgar are an all-inclusive offer! Poulet Fripes, micro thrift shop, full second-hand, moving to Graffalgar has meaningfully enriched the overall offer. The Graffalgar Hotel is about Art, it is about drinking and eating well, it is the art of taking care and expressing yourself, it is respect for the environment, it is an independent place. Poulet Fripes brings new ways for all to create, adding to the fun of the Graffalgar’s concept. As second-hand fashion is gaining momentum, Poulet Fripes welcomes all of Strasbourg to room 203 at the hotel, an opportunity to discover what Graffalgar has to offer.

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.