Chambre numéro 202


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I am Séverine. I am a naturopath specializing in stress management, burnout and natural health. Naturopathy is a natural and organic way to improve physical and mental well-being. My job is to prevent or treat the onset of chronic disorders or do a follow up after a medical diagnosis.

I use food, diet, micronutrition, plants (herbal medicine, gemmotherapy, flower essences), essential oils (aromatherapy), or even manual techniques such as the Amma seated massage.

Rather than settling as a liberal in a multidisciplinary practice in Strasbourg, I opted for an original and atypical setting. While searching for a dynamic place to live, I was drawn to the concept of the Graffalgar Hotel that I knew as a client of Chambre Numéro. In fact, I remember bringing up the idea of offering my services there with Esther several months ago when I was under her expert hands !

While visiting the hotel rooms with Vincent in June, room 202 immediately caught my attention because of its layout and brightness. I absolutely do not regret my choice to think outside the box. The atmosphere of the Graffalgar Hotel and the synergy of activities that reigns on the 2nd floor brings the Happy & Healthy Naturopathy project into joy and a good atmosphere! You can see why I used the word "Happy". Right ?

My clients are always quite surprised to be greeted in a room, but once the door is closed they are very quickly at ease and ready to take some time just for themselves in complete privacy. Besides, while waiting for their meeting, they have the opportunity to eat well, have a drink, go shopping or relax in a cozy atmosphere with one of my neighbors. And when they go out, they can have a drink (in naturopathy nothing is forbidden!). In addition to individual consultations, I organize naturopathic cafes several times a month at the Graffateria. These are convivial moments of sharing around a subject of natural health.

I am committed to offering as many people as possible the opportunity to take part in their health. My current inspirational quote is from Pierre Rabhi: "Nature provides both what nourishes the body and heals it, amazes the soul, heart and spirit".

* Prices are indicative, they may vary depending on the dates.